10′ Coil Leash


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This SUP leash features a coiled cord that will not drag or tangle when you’re paddling. It’s built from a durable urethane cord, comfy neoprene ankle cuff and a stainless-steel swivel attachment. We recommend always wearing a leash when you’re paddle boarding because it could save your life.

  • Made from a high quality cushioned neoprene material. 6 mm thickness
  • Built from durable urethane cord, top quality neoprene cuff and a stainless-steel swivel attachment
  • The coil design will not drag in the water or tangle in seaweed or kelp. It will stay out of your way, until you need it
  • Always wear a leash. You are protecting your own life and the lives of those around you
  • Use it and love it or return it within 30 days